UKIERI-DST Conference on AI, Cyber Risks and Data Science for FinTech and Digital Economy

Organized by Co-Is Anindya Chakrabarti and Sheri Markose

Keynote Talks and Distinguished Speakers include
Balaraman Ravindran, Hector Zenil, Vincent Mueller, Karl Friston and Bimal Roy


Growing digitization of information, communication transmission, industrial production and regulatory networks, is ushering in both opportunities and challenges. While digitization has vastly reduced costs for duplication with high fidelity, and also for information to be processed, stored and relayed at high speed in real-time, the Achilles heel of such systems is that they can be hacked. Digital technology can democratize access to information and services with mobile apps and peer-peer platforms. However, there is a digital divide in that the disruptive transformation of a primarily analog economy can leave many behind.

Focusing on AI developments in the UK and India, the workshop will provide policy insights for balanced economic growth wherein sustainability and robustness of the digital economy depend on cybersecurity and regulations in place.


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